Course Curriculum

  • 1


    • Your Expectations

    • Welcome. What's in the programme?

    • How knowledgeable are you about Employer Brand Management?

    • Let's get to know you better

    • Authentic Employer Brand - e-book

  • 2

    A Strong Foundation

    • A brief history of the Employer Brand

    • History - Quiz

    • Two main attributions: 1. Awareness & Attraction / 2. Engagement & Performance

    • Two main attributions - Quiz

    • Talent

    • Talent - Quiz

    • Engagement and Performance

    • Engagement and Performance - Quiz

    • Awareness and Attraction

    • Awareness and Attraction - Quiz

  • 3

    Scoping and Analysis

    • General concept

    • General Concept - Quiz

    • Scoping

    • Executive Buy-in

    • Executive Buy-in - Quiz

    • Project steps

    • Project steps - Quiz

    • Data Analysis

    • Data Analysis - Quiz

    • HR practices analysis

    • HR practices analysis - Quiz

    • In-depth Interviews and Focus Groups

    • In-depth Interviews and Focus Groups - Quiz

    • Competition Analysis

    • Competition Analysis - Quiz

    • Interim Report

    • Interim Report Template

  • 4

    Mentor meeting

    • Mentor meeting

  • 5


    • Workshop I - Participants, Content

    • Workshop I - Presentation Template

    • Candidate Persona

    • Candidate Persona - File

    • EVP (Employee Value Proposition)

    • EVP - File

    • Creative Brief

    • Test and Confirmation

    • Final Report

    • Final Report - Template

  • 6


    • Implementation important steps

    • Touchpoint Planning

    • Touchpoint Planning - Template

    • Communication

    • Communication - File

    • Measurement

  • 7

    Case Study

    • Candidate Persona and EVP

  • 8

    Results and Next Steps

    • Results and Next Steps

  • 9

    Last step

    • Evaluation


our growing family

From Our Alumni

Katerina Shopova

HR Director, Lidl Bulgaria EOOD & Co.

I had the pleasure to meet Ali Ayaz during couple of Master Classes on Employer Branding is Sofia, Bulgaria. His extensive knowledge from HR and Marketing point of view is undeniable, but what inspired me the most is his strategic approach, practical ideas and recommendations. I found his book “Secret Formulas for an Authentic Employer Brand” as extremely useful and a very good starting point from which to create the Employee Value Proposition of our company. In addition to his proven professionalism, Ali is with a very friendly and kind attitude, always ready to support with accurate advice and different point of view. I am glad that I have the opportunity to know such a dedicated employer brand consultant and I am looking forward to our next engaging and inspiring interaction.

Victoria Vakova

HR Business Partner, Carlsberg BG

I believe we all experience some rough times when it comes to attracting, engaging and retaining the best people possible in the organizations we work for. Therefore to some extent, the buzz around Employer Branding is understandable and of course, it sounds nice and catchy. But how many of us HRs actually do Employer Branding? Is it translated into our day-to-day activities and processes? Where we should draw the line between HR and Communications and why not Marketing as well? And what concepts from Marketing underpin the whole story behind the employer brand? I was getting quite confused about all of that and was very much aware of how limited my knowledge is in this area and that I merely had an idea about how to start. I had the pleasure to meet Mr. Ali Ayaz, a globally acknowledged professional who has successfully completed around 200 projects on Employer branding for Fortune 500 companies. Thanks to the two-day EB Black Belt Master Class in Sofia, Bulgaria, I had the opportunity to deep-dive into the topic and get back in the office with me being crazy about all the practical ideas that we can kick off as of today.

Naz Diriarın

Human Resources Specialist, Honda

While the concept of the "Employer Brand" may be new to many of us, it is the first and probably the most stylish step towards addressing the change taking place in our work environments. Thanks to his vast experience, his candid approach, and the unique information he offers in the program, Mr. Ali Ayaz makes it very clear that "WE" is what employer brand is all about. I had the opportunity to meet Mr. Ayaz in a training organisation led by him, and I can take safer steps in my company ever since. Judging by the projects they want me to undertake, I can tell that my managers have more faith in me now. I’d like to thank the Employer Brand Academy for being my inspiration, which allows me to perform process management even at the first level of the "Employer Brand" certification program.

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